Mike Mammarella

I am a not-so-recent PhD graduate of the computer science department at UCLA. My dissertation is based on my two main projects, Anvil and Featherstitch. My advisor was Eddie Kohler.

I am interested in operating systems, networking, and theory. I worked at the "TERTL" lab in 3440 Boelter Hall. (We have a cool logo on our door, and previously real turtles inside. We're also currently the only lab in the CS department with IPv6!)

I am also an "emeritus" member of the UCLA LUG and I used to help to run its "installfests" once a quarter.

Anvil, a modular backend data store for a database designed to minimize disk seeks and allow greater storage format flexibility.
Featherstitch (previously known as Kudos), a storage system built around explicit write dependency tracking.


Other stuff
Wanna buy TERTL stuff? (Or other TERTL stuff?)
If it's night time, you can look at static images of our turtles instead of the live feed.
Several of us pulled a little prank on Eddie involving a lot of peeps; video here and here (download).
The CS department has some root certificates available.
I have previously been a TA for CS 111, operating systems.

My favorite ramen place is Hakata Ramen.
My personal website is crystalorb.net.
Anybody who has ever confused "its" and "it's" should check Bob's Quick Guide to Its and It's (and Bob's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe).
(You can also tell the difference by asking whether, in a fake old-timey accent, you'd substitute "'tis" for the word. You'd only do that for "it's.")
You can see the Hollywood sign on Google Maps here, and with Street View here.
Want to schedule some compute jobs?