Page 14: Ferns, cat hats, and Aoife's new chair.
Page 13: Aoife likes the wedding dress, but loves the boxes the gifts came in! Aoife and Oisin cuddle; cowgirl.
Page 12: Aoife in cashmere; Aoife and Oisin in and on boxes.
Page 11: Stylish Aoife; Aoife in drawers, on computers, and cuddling.
Page 10: Aoife relaxing with Knuth and in laundry.
Page 9: Kitty yin-yang; Aoife discovers doors.
Page 8: Aoife gets spayed.
Page 7: Aoife meets her grandparents; she loves computers and her styrofoam bed.
Page 6: Aoife in things and on things.
Page 5: Aoife discovers the shower, computers, and Mike's foot.
Page 4: Aoife with Oisin; couch potato.
Page 3: Aoife at our new apartment.
Page 2: Aoife is eight weeks old. We've just brought her home.
Page 1: Aoife is six weeks old. We're picking her out!