New: In case you happen to have an ALPS KPX-17S serial numeric keypad and want to use it in Linux, I wrote a driver for it. Link with -lXtst.
I've been working on a recipe for General Gau's Chicken. After some trial and error, I've got a pretty good General Gau's Chicken recipe.
Installing Linux on a Macbook Pro can be a little tricky if you want to install on an external drive. I've written up my experience doing it.
Want to call me? There are so many ways! You can use a Google Voice call widget or even my shiny new ISN: 80*1125!
I've released a Wii homebrew game I wrote, Arcade Jigsaw. Check it out!

Older news
It turns out that "the world's most difficult trick" in Lufia II has a minimum solution of 116 moves.
The Email Gateway now uses SSL to increase security! The root certificate can be downloaded at
I have changed my email address from mike@ to mikem@ in order to avoid spam that guesses common first names for the username.

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